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The Bonner Institute for the Advancement of Choral Music is a California nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to advance and enhance excellent and inspiring choral music in Christian ministry, education, and the arts primarily through conducting seminars and performances and recordings by the Gary Bonner Singers. Contributions to the Bonner Institute are tax deductible, consult with your tax advisor.

Transforming Lives Through Music


George Bernard Shaw once said that all progress depends on the “unreasonable man.” In fact, some of man’s greatest contributions to the world have been inspired by a persistent unwillingness to accept that which was commonly accepted. A flying machine…a walk on the moon…a blind artist…a deaf composer.


To date, the Bonner approach has been taught to over 700 conductors in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia through the Institute’s intensive one-week Conducting Seminars. Millions of lives have been touched and changed through inspired performances in churches, public schools, private schools, and universities. Seminar participants not only learn Dr. Bonner’s innovative approach to conducting, but also benefit from lessons in enhancing communication, building groups, and strengthening relationships.

Perhaps some of the most important works of The Bonner Institute are being experienced in high schools, where growing numbers of young people are learning life lessons through music. There are numerous examples of high school choral groups coming back from the brink of extinction after a conductor trained by Dr. Bonner began to give leadership and introduced a new vision for the music program.. Even more impressive is the wide cross section of students who have joined these group from low achievers to football players and everything in between. Through Institute-trained conductors, these students are learning fundamental lessons about trust and adaptability, giving and receiving, patience, being present in the moment, and working toward their personal best.

Through the Bonner Institute, music becomes a metaphor for life, and students are eager to learn.


The vision of Dr. Bonner and The Bonner Institute can only be carried out through the generosity of companies, foundations, and individuals who share a dedication to preserving this unique art form. No other organization in the world is delivering, teaching, or performing music in this way. The continuation of our work rests on our ability to respond to ongoing requests for conductor training tools and seminars from around the globe, and ultimately, in teaching other conductors to train the Bonner Method.

We hope you will join us as a partner in transforming lives through music.

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