Music Quest

Announcing the
Twenty-sixth Annual
Music Quest Conference
January 23 & 24
9:30 am to 5:00 pm


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Salvation Army Auditorium
10200 Pioneer Rd.
Tustin, CA 92395



  • Choice of repertoire – 70+ carefully chosen selections of Dr. Gary Bonner and Dr. Judd Bonner
  • Interpretation possibilities
  • Conducting techniques
This was the finest experience we have had at Music Quest, or anywhere else, in the 14 years we have been coming. Although we found 12 songs for our choir plus 5 more for a small elite group, we decided it was the best because of the wonderful relationship between Dr. Gary Bonner and his son Dr. Judd Bonner, two experts in what we all came to hear and learn about. The meaningful, and often humorous, back-and-forth discussions between them and with us, as well as the similar and differing viewpoints about the things that matter most to us in developing our choirs, were priceless. Please continue with this superbly rich format in the future.   Joe Hartley, Choir Director, Sea Coast Grace Church, Cerritos, CA

  • Where can you find an average of 20 “must do” anthems and another 10 – 15 other possibles?
  • Music Quest with Dr. Gary Bonner.
  • Where can you find conducting technique and ideas in the midst of finding new music?
  • Music Quest with Dr. Gary Bonner.
  • Where can you be inspired to new heights in your own ministry by “one liners” and teaching moments?
  • Music Quest with Dr. Gary Bonner.
  • Where can you be moved musically and spiritually by communication between conductor, choir and orchestra?
  • Music Quest with Dr. Gary Bonner 
  • Don’t miss it even if you could.  Michael J. Manley, Minister of Music and Worship, First Baptist Church of Rockwall, Texas

I am amazed every time I hear Dr. Judd Bonner’s choir and orchestra at Cal Baptist. In their incredible sound, I hear a unified desire to create something special with each and every song. That kind of unity only comes under the direction of a great leader. The end result is one of the best collegiate groups I have ever heard.  Cliff Duren, Composer, Arranger, Worship Leader

Fellowship, worship, incredible singing, great choral literature, thought-provoking conversation and learning are just a few words to describe the two-day choral workshop called “Music Quest” with Dr. Gary Bonner.  As a high school choir director these two days help me “refocus” my calling and passion in working with students.  I leave the workshop with new choices of music that will help me plan my next year’s choral repertoire. Mike Warner, Christian High School, El Cajon, CA

I’ve never seen anything like it – the energy, the vitality, the focus, the attitude – the unique Bonner approach to choral music – it is a phenomenon! Building on the ten-year CBU tenure of his father, Gary Bonner, Dr. Judd Bonner took the University Choir and Orchestra to yet a new level of effectiveness, recruiting the finest talent from across the country and beyond, and molding them together into a vibrant and contagiously joyous ensemble. After a concert you hear everyone saying, “How does he do that?” OD. Hall, Director of MUSICalifornia and Retired Minister of Music

Music Quest is my annual choice for choral music.  I deeply appreciate Dr. Bonner’s careful search to present a variety of musical styles to choose from, and that he brings his uniquely creative and joyous artistry to the reading sessions.  His joy emanates not just through his sense of humor, but through the engaging presence of spiritual confidence that marks him as one of God’s special instruments. Peter Beers, Worship Pastor
, Grace Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, CA

More than just a choral reading session, under the masterful direction of Dr. Gary Bonner, Music Quest will enlighten you on your journey to find quality music. Not only will you read through almost 100 pieces, you become the choir and Doc conducts every selection as if it were a concert, which by the way, is how he lives out his musical life everyday. The wealth of new material is truly astounding and songs you may have put aside will find a place in your repertoire as you discover new meaning and life in the music. The concepts he shares and passion for music go far beyond words, notes and rhythm, Doc expresses life concepts that help us who attend find nuggets of truth that we are able to share with our people to impact their lives in positive ways. I highly recommend everyone in the choral music world attend, whether a minister of music, university or college director or high school choral director. Tweet and facebook your friends, this is the choral reading seminar you must attend! Randy Sapp, Choir Director, 
Valley Baptist Church, 4800 Fruitvale Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93308

Dr. Bonner’s Music Quest is a powerful learning experience for anyone who is involved in choral music. Dr. Bonner is truly an inspiration. He is passionate not only about music and people but making music enjoyable for all.  Yuen Yee Chu, Music Minister, 
First Chinese Baptist Church of Los Angeles, C

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Conference Fee: $185 

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